Monthly Archives: April 2008

10 PPC Ad Copy Tips

Managing paid advertising on the search engines can be tricky. The little boxes of ads seem innocuous, but many advertisers don’t effectively capitalize on SEM (Search Engine Marketing) opportunities. One way to make a big difference in paid search campaigns is with ad copy. Here are several pointers to get your ad copy right!

Blog metrics

I have been interacting with Karthik ( from Lenovo’s PR agency Text 100 to track/monitor/measure Lenovo and its competition presence in the discussion forums, user reviews and blogging sites. We have gone one step forward to engage with users to…

Blog journey

And finally, I embark on this long, unknown blogging journey. My tribute to those set out to brave the unknown. Yuri Gagarin, Christopher Columbus, Captain Kirk (?) ……and those unknown who paved the way for the ones that are known.…