Blog metrics 2 : Marketing to Bloggers

Are you sure you want to do it? If not, do not even tread there.
However, if you are one of the brave ones, please be prepared for the “program” to be not very successful.
Here are some tips on how to reach out and NOT “market” to bloggers
Continuing on my quest to define relevant Blog metrics (Read my first post)

Classical STP approach i.e. Segmentation-Targeting-Positioning

Segmentation is very important as there are millions of bloggers out there, it is important and viable to reach out to only those who are relevant, popular and most importantly the opinion leaders.

Segment the bloggers on the basis of
- Relevancy : subject/theme of the blogs and content (frequency of posts/comments, knowledge on the subject)
- Popularity (in terms of no. of readers, presence in news)

the segments differently while reaching out. e.g. one to one interaction required for blogs which are relevant and popular. While the ones which are not so popular still relevant (would be larger in no.), communicating en masse would be feasible. The segments which are not relevant, to be ignored.
However, it is important what to communicate initially and continuously to develop engagement.

Positioning yourself as someone who wants to TELL the blogger your story (product or service in this case) and not SELL your story.
- Neutrality is of utmost importance.
- Freedom of speech : Leave it to the blogger to write his/her views.
- Engagement : Once the contact is made successfully, rapport or engagement is to be built, by NOT flooding them with press releases, but discussing these releases, features etc.
- Exclusivity : Bloggers should get some exclusivity as incentive i.e. they should not be treated as any other journalists and should be given information (of launches, new features, innovations etc.) maybe in advance, just for them.
- Product sampling : Bloggers need to use the product to write about them.

eMarketer has a related article on this subject with some research thrown in. Click here to read.

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