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I have been interacting with Karthik ( from Lenovo’s PR agency Text 100 to track/monitor/measure Lenovo and its competition presence in the discussion forums, user reviews and blogging sites. We have gone one step forward to engage with users to tell our side of the story *completely neutral*.
We have a perspective, but its a challenge to define the metrics for this activity.
Some possible ones

1. Presence – in terms of quantum of posts/mentions
2. Tonality – positive, negative, neutral
3. Share of voice – vis a vis competition
4. Readership/eyeballs – estimated no. of readers/pageviews/visits/subscription to feeds/traffic based on alexa ranking etc.
5. ROI – no. of queries, no. of queries answered, no. of leads/sales, Cost per lead, no. of satisfied/dissastisfied users etc. etc.

Watch out for more and a structure in days to come. Would welcome collaboration/inputs to put these metrics in place to be used by all.

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