Notion Ink’s Adam – A study in viral marketing

You don’t need a great funny video or a sexy interactive flash based microsite or even a compelling subject line to get forwarded. You just need to yes, “pile on” to an existing buzz. That’s exactly what Notion Ink did with its tablet Adam. Riding on the wave of the buzz created by iPad for tablets, Notion Ink just had to write a blog post and let Internet do the trick. And that’s what happened. The blog post became an “accidental viral” with huge success resulting in huge sell out.

Click here to read more on the case study.

Well, this is not the first time brands have rode on the wave of existing virals or buzz. Some examples follow and you could figure out on your own.

Diet Coke and Mentos Experiments came first.

Carlsberg and Mentos followed later

Since Apple’s products bring that “buzz” with them, there are many examples on YouTube and on the web where other brands have tried (and in many cases successfully) to ape Apple. So take off your creative thinking hat and do copy once in a while “creatively” and hope that the buzz will take your crest of the wave to new highs.

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