Virgle : The final frontier

A visionary step. Star Trek part two. Dedication to visions of Jules Verne, Carl Sagan, Arthur C Clarke and others. One giant step for man and a giant leap for the mankind. Colonization and imperialism revisited.

Virgin and Google collaborate on this great visionary project to colonize Mars. Many fill up the application form (incl. me to sign up) to be part of this venture. For those wannabe future space travellers (incl. me again) who have read it fully will not be completely disappointed that its a April Fool stunt. We (the ever optimistic space junkies) hope that this will be a vision which will be implemented someday and we (or the next gen) will live in Mars.

Kudos to Branson, Larry Page & Sergey Brin for pulling this one.

Virgle isn’t real.

Beam me up, Scotty !!

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