A Fishy Social Networking Campaign

A good read which I picked up from ClickZ

At their core, all social networks are about one thing: friends. Without them there would be no impetus to join, and no sustainable interest in remaining a member. Depending on the network, users add friends selectively or collect them like hockey cards. Either way, they’re vital to every single consumer who ever logged in to an online community.

It was with this in mind that Canadian telecommunications company Telus launched what I consider to be one of the best sponsored applications on Facebook I’ve seen.

Last year, the company introduced a new cell phone plan called My Faves, which allows customers to pick five friends — regardless of their own carrier — with whom they can receive unlimited talk and text services. With a target market of high school and university students, and an objective to raise awareness of the new service, social networks were the ideal venue through which to inform and educate consumers about the plan. Click here to read the rest

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