UGC : The silent revolution

Who would’ve thought that the web will change so much in so little time?
Who would’ve thought that it will become so participative?
Who would’ve though that the big content houses will be given a run for their money by the insignificant net user like you and me?

Its time to stand up and recognize the silent revolution of UGC or User Generated Content.
More and more people are reading blogs and reviews by people while making their purchase decisions(esp. in the PC industry its so rampant). Ads are being just reduced for just building awareness, the rest of the brand metrics in the purchase cycle – Consideration, Preference and Purchase is heavily influenced by UGC in the online world.

Today entire businesses – platforms like social networking, blogging and even portals incl. ecommerce are heavily dependent or entirely based on UGC.

Here is one good article from emarketer on this silent revolution.
Can User-Generated Content Change Your World?

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