Online ads in regional language get more clicks?

With most of the content in English, the typical  internet user is proficient in English. But these users typically no more than one language apart from English. So is it the affinity to the local language prompts them to click?

According to Pankaj Jain, president and COO of Webdunia, clicks on online ads increase if the ad is in Hindi or regional language. “But most of the ads on regional portals are still in English. Regional language ads comprise only 5-7 per cent of the online ad space on regional portals,” Pankaj Jain has said.

Indian online advertising, which stood at Rs 215 crore in 2007, is estimated to touch Rs 2,500 crore by 2011. In this growth, local and regional portals are expected to play a major role. Findings across 10 largest regional bases reveal that 80 per cent of Indians are comfortable with regional languages.

As the content becomes relevant, local portals are expected to draw more visitors as users get hooked on to relevant content for a longer time which, in turn, generates good returns for advertisers, reports Business Standard.

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