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Milky Way at Meru Base Camp_Rustik Travel


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Travel Trekking

Meru Base Camp Trek: Journey to the Center of the Universe

By on January 22, 2020

What would it feel like to be at the Center of the Universe?
But isn’t what humanity has felt for ages?
We still do, don’t we?
All we need is a ‘trip’, well…to the Himalayas and stand in front of the tall majestic mountains.  We will feel differently, more humble and less…

Tiger's Nest


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In Pursuit of Happiness: A Perspective from Bhutan

By on February 1, 2018

Everyone wants to be happy. But what happiness really is?

What makes you happy?

We decided to find the answer, where else but in Bhutan, officially the land of happiness.

It all started with the long-term desire each one of us had to visit Bhutan. Yes, of course apart from the famous…



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Climbing Travel Trekking

Climbing Kilimanjaro: Where Attitude is Altitude

By on November 6, 2016

“I know that I must do what’s right. Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti.”
– From the song “Africa” by Toto

I must’ve heard this line and this song a million times esp. in a drunken stupor particularly in a pub eponymously named ‘Toto’ in Mumbai. While nursing…

Hemant Albert Soreng
Somewhere, Everywhere, Anywhere

Hi, I'm more of a story teller of my various travels and experiences. This blog is an account of my adventures so far. Hope you enjoy reading it and in a way travel with me...

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