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Hi, I'm more of a story teller of my various travels and experiences. This blog is an account of my adventures so far. Hope you enjoy reading it and in a way travel with me...

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My journey to Mt. Everest

By on May 25, 2024
On 22nd May 2024, in the early morning hours I summited Mount Everest (8,848.86 m/29,035 ft).
This climb that took years to shape up is dedicated to the mothers.
Firstly, to my mother who raised us single-handedly as after we lost our father very early on in my early teens. She passed away last year. I still miss her.
Secondly, to my motherland, India. She has shown me an infinite kaleidoscope of diversity of culture, language, food and more. Inspite of the chaos, challenges and sometimes scarcity given endless opportunities. I may travel across the world many times over, but I always long to go back home, India.
Finally, thank you Chomolungma (Goddess Mother of the World)/ Sagarmatha (Goddess of the sky) for allowing me a safe passage to summit and come down. This journey has reinforced my belief in the conservation of natural resources and sustainability, something that we started working through Rustik Travel in the field of sustainable travel. Through Rustik Foundation, we would try do just that, more focused, for our Mother Earth.
It was such an overwhelming experience not just physically and mentally, but also emotionally. It was a long expedition (2 months) where I made a lot of friends, lost a few :(, almost didn’t make it as I got injured and was evacuated to a hospital in Kathmandu, but fortunately was healed and was well enough to come back and make it to the summit and safely come down. Many many more experiences and stories to share.
Therefore, watch this space for a detailed account of my journey on the Everest Expedition 2024. Coming soon…
For the detailed post on the pre-Everest expedition 2024, please visit My upcoming journey to Mt. Everest

Some pics from the Expedition :)


Everest Summit_Mom_Hemant Soreng Everest Summit_Rustik Foundation_Hemant Soreng Summit Push_Mount Everest_Hemant Soreng Camp 4_Mount Everest_Hemant Soreng Downsuit_Mount Everest_Hemant Soreng Traffic Jam_Yellow Band_Camp 3-4_Mount Everest_Hemant Soreng Kumbu Icefall 1_Mount Everest_Hemant Soreng Khumbu Icefall 2_Mount Everest_Hemant Soreng

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    June 16, 2024

    Awesome, Hemant! Your mother will be so proud of you!