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Bodhnath Stupa


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Kewl Kathmandu

By on April 4, 2012

Kathmandu, April 2011. We landed in Kathmandu as wannabe mountaineers aiming to achieve the ambitious goal of reaching the Everest Base Camp (EBC). We were not alone as the chaotic Kathmandu airport was full of genuine mountaineers and trekkers in search of high altitude adrenaline. As the three of…

The beautiful streets in Bruges


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In Bruges

By on January 8, 2012

‘In Bruges? What the fun!’ An astonished Colin Farrell cries out in the movie “In Bruges” or something similar to that effect. (Keeping in mind the tone of the post I have taken the liberty of replacing the four lettered commonly used expletive starting with “F” and ending with…

Naga Warriors at Hornbill Festival


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North by North-East: Trip to Nagaland, Assam & Meghalaya

By on December 20, 2011

“Take me down to the paradise (city) where the grass is green and the girls are pretty….”  – Paradise City by Guns N’ Roses

As the similar genre of rock music reverberates popularly throughout the region, these lyrics reflect this beautiful reality known as the North East India. For me…

Hemant Albert Soreng
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