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Kill ’em all

By on November 30, 2008

“We will kill them all”, whispered a dying terrorist mastermind to his 8 year old grandson and so does a FBI operative (Jamie Foxx) to his colleague (Jennifer Garner), referring to the terrorists. Well, this is how the movie “Kingdom” , a recent Hollywood flick, ended.

The movie may have ended, but the hate continues in real life and is likely to go on for a long time. If the age of the attackers (in Mumbai) is to be taken into consideration (20-25 years) and avg. life span of an individual at 70 years, this kind of mindless and brainwashed mindset is going to continue with this generation for years to come and will only grow stronger as the recruits are younger by the day.

  • So should we go out attack the the terror camps, arrest/eliminate top leaders, identify and cut the financial source, go out an all out war against them?
  • Should we understand where is this hate and motivation coming from? Find solutions how it can be solved socio-culturally?
  • Or should we minimize attacks on such “rogue” states where the collateral damage is huge to the ordinary citizens who subsequently join the ranks of terror outfits?

I do not have the answers. Maybe all of the above, but definitely NOT None of the above.
esp. after the recent terror attack in Mumbai, that is exactly what most of the citizens are feeling i.e. taking action against terror, having an infrastructure for protecting acts of terror and so on.

The best we can do is discuss, find ways to take action. Be it increasing awareness via blogging, micro blogging (which was so rampantly used and misused as well last few days), sms campaigns, chain mails, vigilance through web etc. etc.

I hope if you are reading this, do leave behind a comment, write to me or leave behind some useful links on what we could do in our own little way.

*This post is a deviation from what I have been writing. But the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai has shook me so much that I had to write this. For me and million others in India, life will never be the same again.*

My tribute to all who lost their lives in these mindless attacks in Mumbai.

And heartfelt gratitude to the heroes – Mumbai Police, NSG commandos, Hotel staff, firemen, doctors and nurses, ordinary citizens who showed bravery and courage under threat. With people like these, I know there is hope.

You can visit the following news websites for the coverage on what happened and action being planned :