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Euro 2008 kicks off

By on June 8, 2008


This is a truly “sporting year” starting off with the Cricket controversies and the successful IPL just completed, F1 season in full swing with an Indian team, Olympics couple of months away and the now the UEFA Euro 2008.

UEFA Euro 2008 kicked off yesterday with a inaugural match between Czech Republic and Switzerland. Inspite of the scratchy performance by the Czechs, they managed to win by a solitary goal. Swiss had the upperhand most of the time, they just could not take any advantage of the same.
However, the Portugal-Turkey match was a pacy one. The class and dominance of the Portuguese in this match clearly puts them as one of the front runners. With Cristiano Ronaldo in superb form Portugal should make the grade.
However, haven’t we said this before of Portugal and the other Latino country Spain?
Will they remove the choker’s tag. Will have to wait and see.
The Germans have yet to win a match in Euro cup since 1996. Today’s clash against Poland will be a test for them.