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Bicycle Diaries : Race2Nandi

By on July 2, 2009

Biker’s log Earthdate 28.06.2009. I am new to Bangalore Bikers Club (BBC) and this is my first race. And am cycling after more than 15 years.

4:30 am: CSNY croons “Helplessly Hoping” in full volume. That’s my phone alarm. Well it metaphorically enacts my act of waking up. This time I did wake up and why not it was the bicycle race day.

5:15 am : Packed my bike into the car, helmet and other stuff. Double checked my iPod and my Nikon D60. As I drive towards Hebbal saw lot of cyclists clearly riding towards the starting point of the race and this is wee hours of the morning.


6:00 – 7:00 am : Reach Cafe Coffee Day (CCD), the starting point and come to know that it around 44 km ONE WAY. Dude, I misread the race details and route. However, seeing so many serious bikers together was a great delight. Where were these guys all this time when I was looking out? Last count unofficially around 70 plus. Bikers and volunteers gather together across the road from CCD. It was a great sight –  with so many good looking bikes.




7:12 am : Finally the race starts. And in a symmetrical straight line the bikers take the left of the highway and race toward Nandi hills. I turn on to my iPod and straight to “Bicycle Race” song by Queen. *seriously*

An irrelevant sign for the bikers

An irrelevant sign for the bikers

7:32 am : I lose sight of the bikers ahead of me. Not sure if there were any behind me. Ok so this is my first race and I stop regularly taking snaps and bikers pass me by. Thats a relief, I am not the last one.

23 Km more to go towards Nandi Hillsen Route Nandi HillsNandi Hills at a Distance

9:00 – 10:00 am : at the foot hill of Nandi hills. 8 km more to go and yes all uphill. Amazing view across. My Nikon D60 gets into action as I trudge towards the peak. (4851 feet above sea level).  Last 4 Km were killer as I finally reached top with the bikers cheering me on.



10:30 am – 1:00 pm :  Take my bike and head back to the CCD where my car was parked. The downhill of 8 km took only 14 min and it was some ride. And as I reached the plains it evened out. two and half hours later finally reached the destination with photo and  coconut water breaks in between.
Checked my bike’s speedometer and I had covered  88.4 km.
The heightFinal DestinationGoing back


59 km more to go back to Bangalore

Awesome !! Raring to go for the next race soon. Check out the results at Bangalore Bikers Club (BBC)

Thanks to all the bikers who came and particularly the volunteers without whom this race wouldn’t have been a success. Till the next race…


Me and my Bike