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10K run in Bangalore

By on May 19, 2008



So the D Day arrives tomorrow i.e. 18th May 2008, when Bangalore will be put on the world map for running for 10 km at least. Thanks to the efforts by the organiser Procam and its colourful MD, Anil Singh and of course, the sponsor Sunfeast.

I think this will pave the way for a professional organisation of such events, unlike the ones (Bangalore marathons) in the past where I too have run. One could hope that the organizers do not concern too much in giving the runners a rest break by allowing the traffic to pass or helping the runners improve their race time by allowing the street dogs to chase them.

I think one should not worry about the above much and focus on preparation. Though I have been participating in these runs (esp. half marathons) regularly, but this time around my preparation has been a disaster. Running preparation has been irregular and been having a crazy diet which has been varying from hi protein, non fat, vegetarian diet to liquid diet (read alcohol) accompanied by high fat snacks & meat. Last week holidaying in Sri Lanka didn’t help much and also a stream of parties this week just before the race :(

However, you are advised not to follow the above but the ones below.

Here are my tips

  1. For a 10 k (or even half marathon) run start preparing at least 4 weeks before the event. For the first timers 6-8 weeks is advised.
  2. You could run on the treadmill , but get accustomed running on the road
  3. Chart out a schedule of distance you are going to cover within the training period. Start with 1 km (or shorter based on your comfort level) increasing it every running day. Touch 10 km midway through the period and then reduce the distance gradually as the race day approaches.
  4. Monitor speed and timing, and try to improve both. Maintain an xl sheet. Or go to www.adidas.com, www.nikerunning.com and download some applications which will help in monitoring logs
  5. Rythm : Try to get a rythm of running. After a few Km its the rythm which will keep you running and help you reach the finishing line. Rythm could be achieved varying your speed during the run so that you do not feel tired midway.
  6. Warm up and stretches – very important, before and after the run, at least for 10 min. Even during the race, because of loss of body salts and water, you could feel cramps, try stopping and stretching to avoid cramps.
  7. Rest : Very important. In a week at least 2-3 days of rest is required. Rest day to be involved in light warm up/stretches or a short jog (1 km types) or doing no exercises or running at all. Rest days are very important, one should not be pushing oneself preparing for the event. In case, of any injuries, muscle pull, take complete rest (or show to a doctor) till it heals.
  8. Diet : Cut the flab (if you have). Start and maintain high protein diet – dals, sprouts, fish etc. Have fibre. Go low on carbohydrates (rice, rotis, potatos etc.) initially and increase as you approach the race day. Drink lots of water (during the day and not just before the race). maintain body salts/electrolytes with supplements such as bananas, glucose biscuits etc.
  9. One week before race day :
    Increase carbohydrate intake
    Take it easy : Reduce the distance for running during training. Take rest. Do not run 2 days before race day.
    Do a lot of stretches and light exercises
  10. On the race day :
    • Wake up at least 3 hours before the race (if its in the morning)
    • Have a light breakfast (some carbohydrates, small bananas, biscuits etc.) 2 hours before the race
    • Do warm up exercises and stretches before the race
    • Apply vaseline/cold cream on your limb. Helps avoid water loss and avoid cramps.
    • Do not worry about timing and finishing, just enjoy the run

Have a great run!! Run maadi Run !!