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My first…post…(err…could’ve been)

By on August 22, 2009
On the sand dunes of time (Err...Leh)

On the sand dunes of time (Err...Leh)

So, I am a nervous wreck. Ok, maybe thats an extreme emotion I am expressing while writing my first post (not exactly) in my personal blog .

Its like stage fright, or the first day in school. And it takes me back to the firsts in my life which I will never forget, which I am sure is common to all of you who is reading this.

Here goes my nostalgia trip on the memorable firsts:
My first
1/ day in school and I did shed some nervous tears
2/ stage performance as a 5 years old where I was a star (literally!)
3/ first in the class academically (hmmm…)
4/ merit certificate for good handwriting (and now it sucks)
5/ football match as part of the school team
6/ crush
7/ entrepreneurial experience as a 10 year old (lending library)
8/ championship win in Parish chess and carrom competition
9/ music tape (Wham ! Make it Big)
10/ dance
11/ rock concert (Parikrama’s performance)
12/ song which influenced my interest in music (Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin)
13/ trip with best buddies from college to Rajasthan
14/ zero in a test (way back in B-school). and it was liberating !!
15/ day in my first job
16/ professional start up (thats another story !!)
17/ stage performance with Pentagram singing “Wild World”(which lasted 15 whole seconds, till I was pushed away from the stage)
18/ marathon (exhilirating!!)
19/ kiss
20/ ….

The list goes on….with all the help, this is a great subject matter for a book. Will be back.
Ah ! yes, the first post is done. Not so difficult after all.

Take every step in life as the first one. Take it cautiously, but keep on moving and do not hold back. cheers