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Hi, I'm more of a story teller of my various travels and experiences. This blog is an account of my adventures so far. Hope you enjoy reading it and in a way travel with me...

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My climbing expeditions so far

By on March 19, 2024

My climbing expeditions so far

My climbing expeditions so far…

1. Jan ’24: Aconcagua, Argentina (6,961 m/22,831 ft)

2. Dec ’23: Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (5,895 m/19,340 ft: 3rd time successful summit – Machame Route): Expedition Leader

3. Nov ’19: Mount Kosciuszko, Australia (2,228/7,310 ft)

4. Sep ’19: Deo Tibba, Himachal Pradesh, India (6,001 m/19,688 ft – till Advanced Base Camp @5,200 m. Abandoned summit attempt due to bad weather): Expedition leader

5. Apr ’19: Island Peak, Nepal (6,165 m/20,226 ft) : Expedition leader

6. Sep ’18: Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (5,895 m/19,340 ft: 2nd time successful summit – Rongai Route): Expedition leader

7. Jul ’18: Dzo Jongo III, Ladakh, India (5900 m/19,356 ft): Expedition leader

8. Jul ’18: Stok Kangri, Ladakh, India (6,153 m/20,187 ft: 3rd time – On summit night, returned with group member @5,400 m, who couldn’t go ahead): Expedition leader

9. Oct ’16: Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (5,895 m/19,340 ft: 1st time successful summit – Lemosho Route): Expedition leader

10. Jul ’16: Stok Kangri, Ladakh, India (6,153 m/20,187 ft: 2nd time successful summit): Expedition leader

11. Sep ’12: Mt. Shitidhar, Himachal Pradesh, India (5,300 m/17,400 ft)

12. Jul ’11: Stok Kangri, Ladakh, India (6,153 m/20,187 ft: 1st time successful summit)


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