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Aconcagua Expedition: Tango in the Andes

By on January 22, 2024

Aconcagua_Hemant Soreng_Rustik Travel_Tri colour

It felt so proud to celebrate India’s 75th Republic Day by holding the Indian Flag high on the highest point outside Asia, on top of Aconcagua, after successfully summiting it on 22nd January 2024.

I spent 18 days in the expedition, 30 days in Argentina and hardly 30 min on top 😀

It was one helluva experience climbing, meeting other climbers from different parts of the world, doing camp rotations, load ferry, getting exposed to really high winds and cold temperature, experiencing true Argentinian hospitality and culture and making some friends for life.

Some stats behind the mountain and our challenging climb:

Elevation: 6,961 m/22,838 ft

Summit Date: 22nd January 2024, 2:30 PM Local Time

Total Time (Summit Day): 14 hrs

Temperature range: -10 to -30 deg Celsius

Wind Speed: 55 kmph (was around 100+ kmph just two days ago and thus unclimbable).

Expedition Duration: 18 days (10th Jan ’24 – 27th Jan ’24)

Mountain Range: Andes, Argentina 

7 Summits: Highest mountain in South America and outside Asia.

Some pics from the various camps – Confluence and Plaza De Mulas (Base Camp)

Aconcagua_Hemant Soreng_Rustik Travel_2 Aconcagua_Hemant Soreng_Rustik Travel_3 Aconcagua_Hemant Soreng_Rustik Travel_4 Aconcagua_Hemant Soreng_Rustik Travel_5 Aconcagua_Hemant Soreng_Rustik Travel_6 Aconcagua_Hemant Soreng_Rustik Travel_7 Aconcagua_Hemant Soreng_Rustik Travel_8 Aconcagua_Hemant Soreng_Rustik Travel_9 Aconcagua_Hemant Soreng_Rustik Travel_10