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Climbing Mount Kosciuszko

By on November 7, 2019

Kosciuszko_Hemant Soreng_Rustik Travel_3

Standing on the highest point in the Australian continent on a cold, snowy, misty and super windy day. While the mountain is not too high when compared to the Himalayan peaks, the history and the culture of the place is pretty amazing. The peak was discovered and scaled in 1840, but for thousands of years it has been visited by The Aborigines who consider the mountain and the region sacred. The original name for more than 4,000 years was Aboriginal name “Tar-gan-gil” or“Kunama Namadgi” and twenty other Aboriginal names until the White man came in and changed it to Mt. Kosciuszko after the Polish-Lithuanian military leader. One of the seven summits mountain (highest in each continent) is popular amongst hikers and mountaineers. Did this and more during my 3-week trip to Australia in November 2019 :)

Elevation: 2,228/7,310 ft

Summit Date: 7th November 2019

Total Time (Summit Day): 2-3 hrs

Temperature range: -10 to -30 deg Celsius

Wind Speed: 20-30 kmph

Mountain Range: Stand Alone Mountain, Australia 

7 Summits: Highest mountain in Australia


Some pics from the climb:

Kosciuszko_Hemant Soreng_Rustik Travel_4 Kosciuszko_Hemant Soreng_Rustik Travel_5 Kosciuszko_Hemant Soreng_Rustik Travel_6 Kosciuszko_Hemant Soreng_Rustik Travel_7 Kosciuszko_Hemant Soreng_Rustik Travel_8 Kosciuszko_Hemant Soreng_Rustik Travel_9